Hold On To Your Hat!

Handling the Roller Coaster Emotions of the College Application Process

This 2013 book teaches students and families how to handle the "roller coaster emotions" of the college application process with resilience and calm.

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Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

A Young Person's Guidebook to Adulthood

American youth of today face many unprecedented challenges as they adjust to the roles of adult life. They are immersed in a world of economic, demographic, family, global, and technological pressures, such as the Internet and social media that have added new complexity to the age-old challenges of love, relationship problems, sexuality, and problems of alcohol, drugs, casual sex, and behavioral problems. Unique among books for the late teen to early 20's age group "and beyond," this book gives readers essential emotional tools young people need to live happy, productive, and fulfilling adult lives. Non-academic in its language and illustrated with real-life stories, this book offers critical tools and online and other resources for further help.

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Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction

Tools for Mental Health Professionals, Managers, and Employees

As Chair of the Committee on Work and Organizations, Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, our nation's oldest psychiatric think tank, I spearheaded our committee's 2018 publication, through the Oxford University Press, of the book Psychiatry of Workplace Dysfunction--Tools for Mental Health Professionals, Managers, and Employees.

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